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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is one of the keys to addiction recovery. Before a client arrives to Blueprints For Recovery, he has been assigned an individual addiction therapist who greets the clients and family at admissions. The role of this counselor is not only to treat the client on drug addiction issues, but also work with the clients to create an individualized treatment plan, and coordinate all care with other long term recovery staff.

During individual addiction therapy sessions, clients are given the support, encouragement and inspiration they need to stay clean and sober and achieve long term recovery. The goal of these tailored therapy sessions is to provide a safe environment to identify and treat issues that may be hindrance to their recovery. These hurdles to recovery may include co-occurring conditions and cross-addictions. During a clients’ stay at Blueprints For Recovery, the frequency of individual therapy sessions vary based on a clients’ substance abuse treatment plan.

In addition to the individual counseling treatment sessions, the counselor is also involved with some of the client’s group addiction therapy sessions to observe the interaction with other members of the group. In addition to the group counseling staff, the client’s individual counselor also communicates with other Blueprints For Recovery addiction professional staff. This creates a multi-faceted approach to achieve the ultimate goal.

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