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Somatic Experience

What is Somatic Experiencing?

The processing of devastating experiences, shock trauma such as traffic accidents, falls, medical emergency, serious illness, abuse, violence and threats, loss of a close person, natural disasters, war, etc. requires for subsequent assistance or therapeutic measures a particular point of view. Somatic Experiencing offers the possibility, especially cautiously with such experiences, but to work successfully in depth.

Most treatment methods take into account, not usually sufficiently, the processes taking place during threatening event reactions in the body and nervous system. Unlike developed by Peter Levine model to overcome and integration of traumatic events. It is based on observations of behavior in the animal world. The underlying biological mechanism goes back to the predator-prey behavior, an initial stimulus-response cycle with basically three options: flight, attack and reflex.

For sufferers often caused confusing and even frightening psychological and somatic symptoms. These show up, possibly not until years later, when hyper excitability, hyperactivity, irascible temper tantrums, drug abuse, anxiety, panic, depression, feelings of alienation, impaired concentration, dissociation, attachment disorders, sleep disorders, alcoholism, fatigue, chronic pain, migraines, neck and back problems, problems with the immune system or the endocrine system.

“Trauma is held in the nervous system. It is thus a biologically incomplete response of the body to an experienced as life-threatening situation. The nervous system has thus lost its complete flexibility. We must help him therefore to get back to his full resilience and strength.” – Dr. Peter Levine

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