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Adventure Program

For many Young Adults seeking recovery, these are unimaginable experiences, yet at Blueprints for Recovery, “We absolutely insist upon enjoying life.” We go camping, fishing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, and rock climbing. Beyond learning new ways to appreciate life, these adventure activities stimulate teamwork and trust (essential ingredients in long-term recovery).

Humphrey’s Peak

Blueprints For Recovery traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona to hike Mt. Humphrey’s. It was a physically challenging hike and the reward was well worth it. The view from the mountain summit was inspiring and breath taking. They realized that since they have gotten sober are learning to love themselves again. It was a real breakthrough for the individual. Here is his video:

California Surf & Camping Trip

Blueprints For Recovery took a trip to California last week. The young adult drug rehab program spent a few days camping and surfing. We believe it is important for young adults to learn how to have fun in sobriety. It is difficult getting sober at as a young adult. A common challenge people face when getting sober is learning to have fun and creating an enjoyable life without drugs or alcohol. One of our missions is to teach our residents that having fun is possible.

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