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We meditate and pray daily, teaching the clients various forms of meditation, with the intention of each man finding a match for his own, personal, spiritual journey. At the beginning of each week, our residents learn a new form of meditation, and then practice it through Saturday, allowing the men to get a real feel for each meditation tradition. Our goal is to send every man from his treatment experience with a viable meditation and prayer practice.

  1. Trancedental Meditation
  2. Centering Prayer
  3. Tonglen
  4. Compassion Meditation
  5. Guided Meditation
  6. Qi Gong
  7. Zazen
  8. Movement Kundalini Meditation
  9. Breathwork
  10. Chanting – with Malas & Rosary Beads
  11. Dan Siegel’s Medial Prefrontal Cortex Meditation
  12. Walking Mindfulness Meditation
  13. Psychospiritual Death & Rebirthing Meditation


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