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Why Blueprints for Recovery?

Blueprints for Recovery understands the unique challenges that young adults face when approaching recovery. We understand that the circumstances that lead people to treatment and addiction are different for everyone. Because of this we believe that a small community provides the most effective setting for recovery. The young adult drug treatment program elements are custom tailored to best suit each resident’s individual needs. Our residents to staff ratio is very low allowing us the ability to give each resident the attention that their recovery deserves.

Experienced Staff

All of the staff at Blueprints for Recovery have multiple years of experience in the drug and alcohol treatment field. We know what works with young adult addicts and how to provide them with a comprehensive experience that will create a strong foundation in recovery. Many staff members are in recovery and have firsthand experience and understanding of what it takes to get sober and stay sober. Our personal recovery makes it easier for residents to identify with different parts of our stories which will hopefully provide them with the hope that they, too, can achieve lasting sobriety.

Comprehensive Program

The Blueprints for Recovery program is designed to create a stimulating, active experience for residents. Our unique combination of activities will not only challenge young adults but provide them with the structure, discipline, and work ethic to achieve lasting sobriety. The program has a great emphasis on character building and development. Blueprints strives to instill values like humility, work ethic, integrity, altruism, gratitude, and compassion with all of our residents. The principles of recovery are at the epicenter of all the activities. By building these principles into all of our activities, the residents are constantly looking at, practicing, discussing, and examining the principles and tools of recovery as they pertain to all of their affairs.

Long-Term Treatment

Addiction did not develop overnight or in 28 days. Developing and learning often missing basic life and coping skills required to lead a sober life takes time, focus, practice and experienced support. It takes more than a few weeks to practice the recovery tools that are needed to sustain sobriety after treatment. Recovery often requires removing outside distractions. By removing worldly distractions, the young adult addict is given the opportunity to work on the causes and conditions that lead to their addiction. Chances for recovery improve when distanced from addiction and using associated “people, places, and things” – particularly in early recovery or when previous programs or efforts have come up short. The resolve to recover and remain sober strengthens when residents are not only exposed to a new way of life but have the opportunity to experience the rewards of clean living and helping others. The addict did not become addicted overnight and it is unrealistic to expect them to find recovery overnight. The chances for success improve tremendously when a young adult completes a long term drug treatment program.

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