A Compassionate and Practical Addiction Treatment Center in Prescott, Arizona

People Don’t go to Treatment Because They’re Broken

People go to addiction treatment because they want to be better, happier, healthier.
Recovering from addiction, while a very personal experience, is a journey that
participants should feel excited about during the undertaking. This is what we believe
at The PAC Program where we have dedicated ourselves to treating addiction
with dignity, integrity, practicality, authenticity and fun!

How We Approach Addiction Treatment

The PAC Program provides inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.
Our program lasts from one to three months. We treat all types of addictions, including heroin,
methamphetamine, opiate, alcohol, cocaine, and more. As soon as you or your loved one walks through
the door, we start building a personal relationship with you.

Finding the right addiction treatment plan for you means creating a program that caters to your goals, interests and needs. Once we learn more about the individual, we can start working with them to help overcome this challenge and build a strong support network.

Our Staff Walks the Walk

Most members of our staff, including our founder, are thriving in recovery. We know what it’s like living in a world fueled by addiction, and how hopeless it can feel when trying to get out. We’re here to tell you now that you can do it! For whatever difficulties you face along the way, we will make sure that you have a trusted, reliable support network to call on whenever you start feeling an urge to use.

If you or a loved one needs help, please call us at (888) 744-9969 and our team at The PAC Program will help start the process.

We Help You Build Your Future

Recovery from addiction is not always easy. For all the challenges recovery may present you with, our goal is to help you stay focused on building your foundation for a fulfilling life and promising future.

The PAC Program offers treatment for many substances, from alcohol to opiates and much more.
We keep our clients engaged during their sobriety through outdoor activities, artistic expression, and
motivational communication.

Sobriety opens you to worlds of new opportunities, and we want you to have a hands-on experience with what that feels like to win in life again!

See What We Have to Offer

The PAC Program’s center is located in Prescott, Arizona, encompassed by the mountainous deserts of Northern Arizona. The surrounding area provides a safe and peaceful atmosphere for healing. The breathtaking locations near our center provide clients with a variety of adventures and experiential therapy opportunities.

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