Benefits of All-Male Rehab

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At The PAC Program, we believe in doing everything we can to ensure the people who come to our doors have the most chances as possible to achieve sobriety and overcome drug and alcohol addictions. Part of our successful formula for truly beneficial treatment programs and therapies was the decision to make The PAC Program an all-male addiction treatment center, specifically for men aged between 18 and 30. While it is true that many young women need rehabilitation services, it is also true that there are many benefits to gender-specific treatments and therapies. Our intentional focus on this specific demographic has further enhanced our chances of helping people defeat addiction.

Differences Between Addiction Symptoms in Men & Women

Men and women have different reactions to drugs, alcohol, and addiction due to inherent dissimilarities in their physiologies. This is one of the main reasons why The PAC Program has decided to be a male-only addiction treatment center. By intentionally directing our treatments and therapies towards how men react to addiction, we are better prepared for the road ahead and its many challenges.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction notes these differences between men and women when it comes to drug and alcohol use:

  • Men experience intoxication for a shorter duration than women due to their on-average lower amount of body fat and water. However, this may cause men to binge drink more often, as more drinks are needed to maintain drunkenness.
  • Men have higher amounts of alcohol-fighting enzymes in their systems, which increases tolerance. Once again, this can cause a man to drink more heavily and more often.
  • Men tend to be slower to fall into a full cycle of addiction and substance use disorder than women. This is a key indicator that the approach to treatment should be different.

There are also studies that indicate a majority of women who are struggling with drug addiction have experienced sexual abuse in the past, usually before the age of 16. On the other hand, men seem to begin heavy drug and alcohol use due to ongoing emotional detachments.

Benefits of All-Male Addiction Treatment Programs

In recognition that men react differently to drug and alcohol use than women, it is time to consider the benefits of an all-male rehab center. The key advantage is that it allows our Prescott drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialists to direct treatments and therapies towards the specifics of typically-male physiology and psychology. The other benefit that most men who come to The PAC Program appreciate is that communicating with others in group therapy sessions feels easier and more natural.

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for men to feel intimidated, distracted, or uncomfortable around women they do not know. However, when surrounded by men they have not met before, men tend to have a much easier time opening up, sharing stories, and listening. Furthermore, as substance use disorder usually begins for a specific set of reasons in men, an all-male group can more readily connect to the tales of others about how it all began.

No Judgement, Only Support The PAC Program

Are you a young man aged between 18 and 30 in Arizona who needs help overcoming substance use disorder? Please consider how The PAC Program can be your rock and guiding path to sobriety. You deserve better than what alcohol and drug addiction has given you. Find it here with many other men in similar situations. As an all-male drug rehab center, you know you will find comfort, a workable support structure, and real compassion.

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