3-Phase Approach


Most people seeking addiction treatment often feel hopeless, fear the future, lost, and defeated. At Blueprints For Recovery, our three-phase system is designed to walk people through these feelings with each phase designed to address each challenge head-on.

Our first phase provides a safe place to address their substance use disorder, provides a stabilization period free from drugs and/or alcohol, identifies and begins to treat dual diagnosis. Our second phase continues to build off of the foundation established in phase one, and looks at challenges emerging adults face. The third phase is designed to create a smooth and safe transition to independence. We believe in building people in need of help up instead of breaking them down.

The underlying goal of each phase is to get small wins instead of focusing on tackling everything all at once to give the patient and their families hope for their future. Addiction treatment is not just about arresting the persons use but helping to build a new life.

Phase 1  Residential Phase

Blueprints For Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited residential treatment center. The goal of phase one is to create a strong, individualized treatment plan both clinically and medically. Our goal is to uncover barriers that prevent individuals from living a happy and successful life. We offer a blend of evidence-based therapies, experiential therapy, psychiatric services, and a small, intimate community to create a space for people to begin the healing process. Some common therapeutic objectives in phase one include:

  • Beginning to address trauma;
  • Working to combat depression;
  • Learning skills to reduce anxiety;
  • Developing skills to regulate emotional responses;
  • Identifying and beginning to change the patients internal belief system;
  • Developing healthy communication with family and loved ones;
  • Creating recovery-oriented goals;
  • Establishing relapse prevention skills;
  • Building a healthy support system;
  • Ensuring that our patients experience fun and laughter all throughout the recovery process.

Our experienced clinical, medical, and peer recovery staff are there every step of the way to support, challenge, cheer and care for our patients every step of the way.

Phase 2  Transitional Phase

Phase two is a soft re-introduction back into the world. As a newly sober individual, it can often be an overwhelming challenge to resume day-to-day life. Our second phase is designed to slow that process down and offer a support throughout this process. We strive to help our patients by starting to define who they are and what they are passionate about. Young adults in todays world face unique challenges, and one of the most prominent is finding a self-identity. Our patients participate in up to 30 hours of therapy a week to help guide them through this phase of their development. We work with them to help design a plan for what life will look outside of treatment to help them prepare to return to school or find employment.

Phase 3  Launch Phase

Phase three is where our patients apply their new skills, identity, and recovery to the real world. They begin to embark on the next step of their lives, whether thats in school or in the workplace. We understand there are new challenges that they will face. We want to create a supportive environment where everyone still has on-going clinical support during the treatment process, and our continuing care coordinator will assist all of our patients develop and refine the life skills they will need to begin their new lives with confidence throughout their therapy sessions. Our supportive living environment has 24 hour a day on duty to staff to provide additional support and care during this important phase.

If you are a young male between the age of 18 and 30 trying to overcome an addiction, Blueprints for Recovery can help! Our rehab center in Arizona will guide you or your loved one through every phase of your recovery.

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