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Relapse incidents are common after addiction recovery. The exact statistics vary depending on the type of addiction, but studies show that more than half of the people who attend rehab will undergo a relapse at some point. Do not let these statistics discourage you. While it is true that relapse occurs after “recovery,” many people leave rehab early or call themselves “recovered” without fully immersing themselves in the program the first time.

After your initial treatment and abstaining from your addiction for a time, you may start to believe you are cured. There are so many temptations and pressures that you simply cannot anticipate in the beginning stages of your recovery. It is vital for you to stay engaged with your rehab and see the program through to the end.

Why Do So Many Former Addicts Relapse?

Addiction often develops when someone is unable to deal with stressors in their life in a healthy way. This is not their fault; mental health is a severely underestimated concern in the United States, and it’s hard for people to even to realize they are engaging in destructive behavior until it harms themselves or others. The The PAC Program rehabilitation program should help you come to terms with these unhealthy behaviors and learn how to change your response to something more positive.
As people transition from rehab back to their normal lives, they may neglect to build a support system. This is a grievous error. Changing behavior is hard and without someone there to help you when old feelings reemerge, it can be difficult to resist temptation.
Early signs of a potential relapse include:

Preventing Relapse

In this program, we prepare you or your loved one for the various circumstances you may come across that might tempt you into using. Additionally, our 3-phase approach to treatment involves creating support networks outside of our facility so that our clients always have someone to talk to when they need help.
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