Why The PAC Program?

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Much like everyone has different experiences that led them to their addiction, at The PAC Program we understand that you or your loved one will have their own unique journey to recovery. Our job is to support you through this process and help you learn the skills you will need to adjust to a sober lifestyle.
Our community is very small so that we can give our clients a more intimate, personal experience. We build trusted relationships with each other and encourage our clients to get active in order to find a passion that makes their life beyond addiction all the more fulfilling.

A Comprehensive Program

We strive to create a stimulating, active experience for our residents. Our unique combination of activities not only provide our residents with a healthy outlet for their emotions, but it also provides them with structure and coping mechanisms designed for long-lasting sobriety.
Some things to know about our program:

As a “long-term” drug and alcohol treatment facility, we go beyond treating the initial stages of addiction. Our 3-Phase approach to treatment serves patients through their initial residence with us, transition back to home life, and finally their return to the outside world. One of the biggest reasons for relapses during recovery is that too many patients are rushed out of rehab and suddenly lose their entire support system. We prevent this by making sure our clients establish a support network before completing the final stage of their treatment.

An Experienced, Compassionate Staff

Many members of our team are former alcoholics and/or addicts in recovery. We have firsthand experience dealing with addiction and struggling through recovery. One thing we have learned is that recovery becomes all the easier when you can stay focused on the positives. We are constantly motivating our clients and helping them discover whats waiting for them after treatment so they can overcome the difficulties they may experience during rehabilitation.

Why The PAC Program?

Addiction is tough, recovery is tough, but you do not have to deal with it alone. Thousands of others have overcome this disease and you can too. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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