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In the young adult drug treatment program, Blueprints For Recovery, I have been fortunate enough to attend several recovery conventions. It is always a bunch of fun and I always leave with a great sense of fellowship. There is a lot of recovery at the events. It is inspiring to see hundreds of other people getting and staying sober. The events give me a lot of hope for my future. It always amazes me how many people have long term sobriety. Although the old-timers pave the way, there are still many newcomers just getting started. It is cool to see that there are other people my age getting sober.

I have been to several events with Rodney, a Blueprints For Recovery staff member. We have gone two young people recovery conventions together. The first was in San Francisco, California and the other in Flagstaff, Arizona. We went to 12 step meetings nonstop. The conventions have marathon meetings running through the entire event. Each night there is a main speaker meeting. At the meeting they have a sobriety countdown; there is so much recovery at the events. Recovery is contagious at these events. After the main speaker meeting, there was a huge dance. It was a blast dancing and having fun without the need to get high or drunk. I remember feeling a total sense of freedom. The events were a crucial moment. It was an opportunity for me to hear other peoples experience with the 12 steps and for me to see the progress I was making while working the first five steps with my sponsor. The speakers shared their experience, strength, and hope with everyone in the room.

I also went to two other 12 conventions; one was with Dave (Blueprints For Recovery staff member) and the other with Serena (a Blueprints For Recovery staff member. The event with Dave was in Prescott, Arizona. We went to a lot of great meetings and played volleyball. It was encouraging to see all the local people in recovery at the event. I felt really grateful for my sobriety while participating in the events activities. The event with Serena was in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the state convention. I felt at home at the convention. I started to run into other people I had met at different events and meetings. I was beginning to experience the strength and fun of being part of a 12 step fellowship.

These events have showed me that recovery is possible. I leave them always feeling inspired and with a renewed commitment to my recovery. I believe these events will be crucial to my continued long term success with my recovery. I am excited for the next event I go to with Blueprints For Recovery.

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