Does Ecstasy Have Addictive Properties

Ecstasy is very addictive and depends on the individual using. Physical dependence is less frequent than psychological symptoms of addiction. Research on the addictive potential of ecstasy (MDMA) has shown some people are likely to become addicted to ecstasy. Learn what makes it so addictive. How Ecstasy is Used Ecstasy was first patented as an […]

Why Opiate Use is on the Rise in Young Adults

Prescription painkillers is a leading cause of youth addiction and can be accessed from the family medicine cabinet. An alarming rise in heroin abuse cases has occurred throughout the nation due to the cheap thrill it provides. The surge is thought to be due to young suburban adults using the drug and painkillers can be […]

The Impact of Self-Identity for Adolescents in Recovery

Low self-esteem can play a major role in substance abuse among adolescents. Some factors include low household income, domestic dysfunction, abuse in the home or bullying at school. Learn some of the markers of self-confidence for teens and how to have a positive impact for young people in recovery. Anxiety and Depression Lower self-esteem often […]

The Reason Parents May Be Enabling Addictive Behavior

Parents bear the responsibility to help prepare children for life. Naturally, parents want what is best to make children successful and happy but sometimes that instinct can also hurt children. Learn how a family can help a loved one with addiction without becoming an enabler and how to quit enabling if the cycle has already […]

What a Family Can Expect for a Loved One in Recovery

When a person with addiction finishes treatment, recovery begins. Learn what to expect for a loved one in recovery and how best to support that individual through the transition. What to Expect Sobriety is the first big step in recovery. The person with addiction will begin to think more clearly about the reasons behind drug […]

5 Common Defense Mechanisms for Self Preservation

Human nature, by default, wants to protect a person from any harm and shield an individual from painful realities. In recovery, defense mechanisms are used to hide the true self and try to prevent others from breaking down barriers to get close. Defenses help people hide from facing the real motivations behind behavior. Learning to […]