Is There a Link Between Weed and Cancer?

The link between marijuana and cancer is basically a causal relationship in that there is a cause and effect. One action (smoking marijuana) may cause another (cancer). Looking at the causality between marijuana and cancer can help provide space to examine the relationship between the two in deciphering whether a link exists. Carcinogens Marijuana smoke […]

Why Yoga Helps in Recovery

Yoga can be of lifelong benefit to people who keep doing it consistently, especially in recovery. Learn why yoga is so helpful especially for individuals with addiction and in recovery. Find some tips to help start a practice for overall health and wellness. How Yoga Helps People with addiction have both internal and external challenges […]

Meditation Therapy Can Help Recovery

Meditation therapy is very popular and has been increasingly so in the fields of mental health, medicine and education as an effective way to manage stress, improve emotional stability, mindfulness, cognitive function and overall health. There is evidence to support that there are psychological and social benefits that come with the regular practice of meditation. […]

5 Tips to Cut Down Drinking

Drinking too much can lead an individual down the path towards alcohol addiction, and also cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Needless to say, it is important for an individual to be mindful of how much alcohol they consume. So what are some ways to cut down on drinking? Why Cut Down on Drinking? […]