One of the biggest advantages of Alcoholics Anonymous

Who is a sponsor? A sponsor is a person who has completed the 12 Steps in a recovery program and who usually takes on the responsibility of helping another individual in recovery to do the same. There are different recovery programs using the 12 Step method and they define the role of a sponsor in […]

Can I Help Someone Prevent Relapse?

Relapse is an unfortunate reality of recovery, and relapse prevention is a critical component of recovering from any addiction. If somebody has a loved one in recovery, then they most likely have a role to play in order to prevent the individual in recovery from relapsing. But how to help someone prevent relapse? Preventing Relapse […]

The 8 Promises of Sobriety

Recovery Will Never Fail You Individuals who use drugs or alcohol to cope with daily life stresses or unwind after a long day expect the substances to fill some kind of void in their lives. When casual use addiction, the substances turn into a guiding for the individual’s life. Addiction treatment will provide the individual […]

How Can I Stop Sex Addiction?

It can be very challenging to altogether stop compulsive sexual behavior or addiction. While some individuals are able to curb their behavior, they don’t ever feel that they can stop it completely. Even when the individual knows, intellectually, that the choices they are making are harmful and wrong, they find it hard to quit the […]

Learn About Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most abused illegal drugs in the country is Marijuana. While it is not physically addictive, Marijuana is psychologically addictive, and individuals who use it can develop a physical dependence on it. Withdrawal symptoms occur when the individual has become physically dependent on Marijuana but then stops using it. The drug has psychoactive […]

Supporting a Young Adult in Recovery

It is very difficult thing to watch a loved one struggling with an addiction and recovery. Even more so when the individual in question one one’s teenage child. Often, parents of teens and young adults in recovery don’t know where to turn or how to help. They feel lost. So what can parents do to […]

Learning Life Skills in Rehab

Learning life skills when one in rehab is one of the main benefits of getting addiction treatment. Acquiring a variety of new life skills can help the individual regain their footing and be better prepared for their return to a sober lifestyle. What Kind of Life Skills Are Taught in Rehab? Counselors work with individuals […]

Learn About the Benefits of Group Counseling

What is the one thing almost every single treatment center in the US has in common? The answer is group therapy. There are approximately 11,000 treatment centers in the country, more than half of which provide residential care for addiction, and nearly all of them also offer group therapy. Why is that? Group therapy is […]