Signs You are Enabling a Loved One’s Addiction

Whether you are a parent, friend, or partner to someone who has a substance addiction, it can be extremely emotional and stressful to watch them struggle. Seeing your loved one have a hard time getting sober may initiate enabling behaviors whether you realize it or not. Enabling someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol […]

Debunking the Myths of Substance Addiction and Recovery

Not only does addiction come along with some harsh stigmas, but theres also a list of untruths that surround it. Without understanding the real reasons and causes of substance abuse, friends and family members may not be entirely able to help their loved one overcome addiction  or worse  they could be enabling their […]

Alcohol Addiction Warning Signs in College Students

College is supposed to be the best experience in one’s life — a new beginning and exciting adventure into adulthood. Unfortunately, the college years are also synonymous with the “party years,” and that could lead to some bad behaviors if it gets out of control. With alcohol being the crux of parties, many college students […]

How Mindfulness Can Aid in Addiction Recovery

Stress and personal triggers are often causes for a relapse. Many individuals who are going through treatment for substance addiction may not fully understand how to react or deal with stress. Not being able to handle stressful situations can lead back to substance abuse to make the uncomfortable feelings that come with stress to go […]