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5 Tips to Cut Down Drinking

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Drinking too much can lead an individual down the path towards alcohol addiction, and also cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Needless to say, it is important for an individual to be mindful of how much alcohol they consume. So what are some ways to cut down on drinking?

Why Cut Down on Drinking?

There are plenty of benefits to drinking less. Alcohol is a depressant and drinking less can provide a general boost to self esteem. Other benefits of drinking less are:

Feeling physically and mentally fitter

Looking physically better

Saving money that would have been spent on drinks

Aiding weight loss (alcohol = equal empty calories)

Feeling better about oneself

Improved sleep

Better judgement

Reducing the risk of heart problems and immune system issues

Improving relationships

Improving work performance

Improving mental well-being

Ways to Cut Down on Drinking

Individuals who have a persistent drinking problem should be careful about suddenly stopping drinking, as that could cause them more harm than good. Furthermore, abstinence is not for everyone, and drinking in moderation can be helpful in this case. Some ways individuals can cut down on drinking are:

Setting Limits

Individuals can make a plan and set a limit both to the amount they intend on drinking and also the amount of money they intend to spend on alcohol. Switching to lower strength drunks is also a good idea. The key is to be disciplined with oneself not go beyond what is planned.

Exploring Other Interests

When in the throes of drinking, individuals have often left behind the hobbies and activities they used to enjoy. Getting back into those forgotten hobbies and activities could be a great distraction from drinking.

Informing Friends and Family

An individual can strengthen their support system by letting the people around them know that they are cutting back on drinking. This avoids the ‘one last drink’ trap because friends and family know not to ask, thus improving the chances of sticking to drinking less.

Eating Healthy

When alcohol is drunk on an empty stomach, it is absorbed quicker thus worsening the effects. It is a good idea to eat before drinking. Staying hydrated by drinking water in between alcoholic drinks will ensure less drinking.

Alcohol Free Days

Designating alcohol free days during the week and sticking to them is another way to cut back on drinking. Starting with even just a couple of days in a row can help the body, especially the liver. Keeping a ‘drink diary’ to keep track of how much the individual is drinking every day or every week can help them choose which days are best to assign as alcohol free.

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