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Alcohol Addiction Warning Signs in College Students

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College is supposed to be the best experience in one’s life — a new beginning and exciting adventure into adulthood. Unfortunately, the college years are also synonymous with the “party years,” and that could lead to some bad behaviors if it gets out of control.

With alcohol being the crux of parties, many college students willingly participate but may not know when to stop. Not knowing when to quit can cause a multitude of problems. From poor academic performance to reckless behavior, here are some signs that could point to alcohol abuse and addiction in college students:

Binge drinking means consuming an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. Binge drinking can cause a person to black out, thus putting them at risk for injuries, sexual assault, and other dangers that come along with being impaired. This type of alcohol abuse could easily lead to addiction.

College students who are abusing alcohol will often see their grades suffer. A sudden drop in grades and too many missed classes are red flags that should be taken seriously. Lack of focus on classwork and constant oversleeping is also another indicator.

From vandalism and theft to public drunkenness, consuming alcohol and binge drinking can make a person feel daring while under the influence. Driving while intoxicated is another issue that college students face when binge drinking, as they may feel invincible and may not think twice before getting behind the wheel.

For some college students, hiding the fact that they are abusing alcohol is not uncommon. They become ashamed and, by covering up their behavior, they can avoid the social stigmas that come along with alcohol abuse. Some college students may keep themselves involved in social circles that enable the behavior and befriend those who also binge drink and abuse alcohol.

Staying up all night and sleeping all day could be an indicator that a college student may be abusing alcohol. Alcohol consumption can disrupt sleep patterns and can reduce REM sleep. REM sleep can cause daytime drowsiness and poor concentration, which again, can result in suffering grades as mentioned above.

Mood swings are another signal that a college student may be abusing alcohol. Going from an upbeat and positive person to being irritable and agitated easily is a cause for concern. The more they rely on alcohol to make them “feel better,“ the more their risk of depression and alcohol addiction increases.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem among young adults and college students. If you suspect a loved one may have an alcohol addiction, The PAC Program The PAC Program can help. We provide young men between the ages of 18 and 30 a safe place for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Arizona.