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Anxiety, Neurofeedback, And Drug Addiction Treatment

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A large majority of the young adults who enter long term drug treatment suffer from anxiety. The residents often used drugs as means of reducing and managing their anxiety. Their anxiety made it difficult for them to fit in with their peers, in school, and at work. These feelings helped to mold and establish fears that would make it difficult for them to succeed in life. These feelings were one of the anchors that bound them to their addiction.

Their anxiety is also the reason that drug treatment was often difficult and ineffective. It is difficult for them to openly and honestly engage in the recovery process when their anxiety is heightened. It was difficult for them to open up about their struggles and get down to the cause and condition of their addiction. The anxiety makes it difficult for them to build a strong and healthy support network with their peers and the staff.

Anxiety causes people to leave treatment prematurely. Without drugs and alcohol, the young adult is left with their feelings and fears. These are scary things to be left alone with. The young adults anxiety builds over a period of time and eventually they just need to escape those feelings. Instead of sticking out their treatment, the individual will leave against staff advice.

The PAC Program incorporate Neurofeedback into the young adults drug treatment program. Neurofeedback helps reduce anxiety and depression. By reducing the individuals anxiety, the person is in a place where they are able to address their addiction and more likely to complete their drug treatment. Often times the individuals anxiety and depression were one of the main reasons why the individual used in the first place and those feelings often contribute to relapse. Neurofeedback has proven to be an extremely useful and beneficial tool in combating addiction with young adults.

I worked with a resident with such extreme anxiety that he could not sit in the chair for more than five minutes at a time. In the beginning of the individuals treatment, he was tense and unable to maintain eye contact during conversations. After completing his treatment, he did not want to stop receiving Neurofeedback because he said how it changed his life. It is remarkable to see the changes that occur in our young males and to see how they are able to move through their life with more ease and comfort.

 Serena Carlin, The PAC Program Neurofeedback Technician

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