Dating After Recovery

Dating after recovery can be both exciting and intimidating. As you’ve progressed through your journey to sobriety, you’ve probably wondered how you will adjust to social situations as a newly sober individual — including dating. You may have also wondered how someone new in your life will react to knowing about your past addiction. The […]

Risk Factors in Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Overcoming addiction is hard enough — and without a strong support system, it can leave someone feeling hopeless and defeated. No matter what has caused an individual’s addiction, people who want to recover and get better deserve to have full support and encouragement from their loved ones along the way. Here are some risk factors […]

New Year’s Resolutions To Stay the Recovery Course

When starting off the new year in recovery, it’s vital to have an optimistic attitude and set forth some positive goals. While having a positive outlook for the future ahead is key, its also important to consider what we can do in order to stay strong and motivated. GET INSPIRED In recovery, the most important […]

How Depression Can Lead to Substance Abuse

It’s not surprising that there’s a strong connection between depression and drug abuse. Depression can be a debilitating illness by altering one’s way of thinking and lowering their ability to enjoy life. When we are at our lowest, we find it difficult to cope and function in our lives. Looking for anything that can help […]

Entering a Rehab Program Over the Holidays

For many of us, the holidays are a happy and exciting time full of celebrations with family and friends. However, for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, it can be a particularly challenging time. From work holiday gatherings to family parties and other everyday stresses, there are many temptations and triggers for recovering addicts. […]

How Family Can Support Loved Ones Going Through Recovery

Struggling with addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects the entire family. It’s never easy getting through the recovery process, and it will require a lot of patience, a positive outlook from everyone involved, not to mention a strong support network. If youre a family member or friend of a recovering addict, it’s essential […]

Our List of In-Network Providers Is Expanding

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with four new networks, increasing coverage for our Arizona drug and alcohol rehabilitation services! MHN, Ambetter, Healthnet and Tricare will now be a part of our in-network group to make getting help even easier. More About Our New Additions Adding four new partners makes recovery more […]

Getting Through Your First Sober Holiday Season

For most, the holiday season is a time for merriment and cheer, but for recovering addicts, it can be the most challenging of seasons. From work parties and outings to family gatherings, there could be a host of temptations for someone who struggles with drugs and/or alcohol addiction. No doubt, getting through your first holiday […]

Signs You are Enabling a Loved One’s Addiction

Whether you are a parent, friend, or partner to someone who has a substance addiction, it can be extremely emotional and stressful to watch them struggle. Seeing your loved one have a hard time getting sober may initiate enabling behaviors whether you realize it or not. Enabling someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol […]

Debunking the Myths of Substance Addiction and Recovery

Not only does addiction come along with some harsh stigmas, but theres also a list of untruths that surround it. Without understanding the real reasons and causes of substance abuse, friends and family members may not be entirely able to help their loved one overcome addiction  or worse  they could be enabling their […]