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The overuse and abuse of alcohol in our society is a severe problem. Since it is so widely available and so socially accepted, alcohol has become the drug of choice for many underage teens. Alcohol itself is a destructive drug that causes untold health problems, both short- and long-term, and results in many thousands of hours of police work nationwide.

Deaths from alcohol-related causes, both direct and indirect, cost millions of dollars in the long run. Emergency departments in hospitals all over the country will attest to the drunks filling their beds nightly; the long-term alcoholics with many health problems that require serious treatment and medication; the underage drinkers who have simply had too much and suffer the effects of alcohol poisoning; and the tragedy of those who are seriously and critically injured in vehicle accidents as a result of alcohol.

In all cases, alcohol is the root of the issue. At The PAC Program, we believe that anyone can face and break their alcohol dependence and then maintain a new life that is free from it. The PAC Program is a long-term drug treatment facility, and this is where we differ from regular alcohol rehab centers.

Our Therapies and Methodologies Work for You

The core of our approach centers on a belief that drug addiction is different for everyone. Each person enters addiction with a different set of experiences and stories. It is our role to embrace these differences in our residents, and to tailor a program that works with this in mind.

At many larger rehab centers some residents will slip through the cracks. Because we take a different approach that is focused on a small community, no resident will go neglected or unnoticed. Each and every story is important to us, and it is this total approach to individual care that makes us unique and gets results. Stay up to date with The PAC Program. Call us today at 623-523-4748.

Finding Your Spiritual Center

Our drug therapies and alcohol rehabilitation also offer a spiritual approach to self-understanding and care. Combined with a traditional 12-step program, alcoholism can be understood in the context of each person’s story, and then full responsibility can be taken. By decreasing one’s dependence on alcohol, increasing one’s self-awareness, and then replacing this story of dependence with a story of being personally saved by God, a spiritual story can be developed that leads to personal strength.

At The PAC Program, we really do believe in the personal courage and strength that is self-evident in each and every person. By making personal responsibility, honesty, self-examination, and spiritual discipline the very essence of our drug rehab programs, we are able to tackle any drug dependence problem and help clients write a whole new personal story!