How Group Therapy Can Help with Alcohol Addiction

The road to recovery from alcohol addiction is often a personal one, so it’s understandable that you might not want to share your experiences with others. However, regular group therapy sessions have been known to help immensely with those trying to overcome a drinking problem as well as co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression. Here […]

Top Relapse Triggers and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to substance addiction, there are many reasons why people relapse. Even those who have gone through a successful recovery can be vulnerable to setbacks. Being aware of the warning signs can help those who struggle with substance addiction find ways to cope with triggers. Here are some warning signs to look out […]

5 Tips to Cut Down Drinking

Drinking too much can lead an individual down the path towards alcohol addiction, and also cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Needless to say, it is important for an individual to be mindful of how much alcohol they consume. So what are some ways to cut down on drinking? Why Cut Down on Drinking? […]

Signs of Internet Addiction in Children

Parents of today’s youth know exactly how to shut their children up: Hand them an iPad, a Gameboy, or a smart-phone. Parents need a break sometimes. However, the internet may not be the best babysitter out there. Many children develop compulsive internet usage before they hit their preteens. It’s tricky ground, trying to prepare children […]

A Look at the Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline

Nicotine affects many different systems within the body—most importantly, the brain. Over time, the brain becomes accustomed to the presence of nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal can be unpleasant. The cravings many smokers experience during acute withdrawal is comparable to those of opiate addiction. For days, sometimes weeks, it’s all the addict can think about. If you’re […]

Going to a Rehabilitation Center: Important Things to Know

Drug addictions can prove to be life-threatening in many cases. Most people who are addicted to drugs are unable to see things clearly, which makes it difficult for them to live their lives in a normal way. Unless they get their daily dose, it is difficult for them to behave in a composed fashion. However, […]

5 Important Steps to Achieving an Alcohol-Free Life

Recovering from alcohol abuse requires tremendous amounts of willpower, help and support. Here’s what you can do to overcome the addiction, with insights from HelpGuide: BE EMOTIONALLY PREPARED There will be bad days. There will also be good ones, but the bad ones will make you want to give in. Don’t; remember why you’re doing […]

Long-Term Treatment’s Answer To Relapse

NEUROFEEDBACK- long term treatments answer to relapse 2006 Study boasts a 77% recovery rate for addicts getting Neurofeedback in Treatment It’s come to my attention, recently, that Neurofeedback has reached a “tipping point” if you will (with the general public and specifically in addiction treatment circles). This is good news to me because I have […]

Finding My Higher Power On Granite Mountain

It was 5:15 am Wednesday morning and time to hit the trails. My sponsor, Rodney, came over the night before and spent the night. Out hiking bags were packed and ready to go. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, nuts, water and the step work I completed earlier in the week. On the ride there, we […]

Living Meaningfully

An important aspect of recovery is becoming a part of our families again, returning to our communities, and finding or reinventing meaningful work. One of the important things that The PAC Program offers their clients is a new opportunity to practice living meaningfully. Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine, recently reminded me of The Great […]