The Effects of Xanax Use & the Dangers it Holds

The effects of alprazolam don’t last all that long. When it comes to treating chronic anxiety disorders, however, it’s usually better to go with a longer-lasting medication. It is important to stop the use of Xanax under medical supervision as the withdrawal process can be life-threatening. XANAX EFFECTS ON THE BODY AND BRAIN Xanax is […]

Going to a Rehabilitation Center: Important Things to Know

Drug addictions can prove to be life-threatening in many cases. Most people who are addicted to drugs are unable to see things clearly, which makes it difficult for them to live their lives in a normal way. Unless they get their daily dose, it is difficult for them to behave in a composed fashion. However, […]

When You Need the Best of Drug Recovery Centers

Drug treatment isn’t exactly most people’s idea of fun, but neither is any other necessary medical interventionist procedure. At Blueprints for Recovery, we know how hard drug recovery and treatment can be, not only on our patients, but on their friends and families as well. We firmly believe that drug addiction is an ongoing issue […]

5 Ways to Deal with Drug Addiction

For anyone who’s ever had to battle drug addiction, it’s a known fact that you’ll have to keep at it for a long, long time. The important thing to know is that while the road to recovery is tough, littered with setbacks, and can seem insurmountable at times, recovery is possible. Here are some tips […]

The Right Drug Rehabilitation Center for You

When you realize you have a drug addiction problem and you are ready to make a change, it is important to recognize you can’t do it on your own. There are drug rehabilitation centers equipped in assisting addicts on their road to recovery. The beginning is always the hardest, which is why the structure of […]

Dealing with Behaviors During Recovery

With addiction being a real problem that is overtaking the younger generation in vast numbers, it is important to consider the aspects that may have aided them to become an addict in the first place. In early recovery, behavioral therapies can help in talking out what may have made someone turn to addiction. As a […]

Feeling Gratitude In Long Term Treatment

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, one of our residents wrote a blog about his new found feelings of gratitude. I am coming up on five months of sobriety. I find myself feeling gratitude for many people, places, and things. The most important thing I am grateful for is my sobriety, without it nothing else is […]

Long Term Drug Rehab Program

12-Step Recovery Residents attend 12 step meetings regularly, work with a sponsor, complete the 12 steps and fulfill a service commitment. Experience shows that active 12 step recovery participation and understanding helps sustain recovery post formal treatment. Residents develop a strong recovery foundation they later draw upon post treatment. Through 12 step meetings, residents learn […]

12 Step Conventions

In the young adult drug treatment program, Blueprints For Recovery, I have been fortunate enough to attend several recovery conventions. It is always a bunch of fun and I always leave with a great sense of fellowship. There is a lot of recovery at the events. It is inspiring to see hundreds of other people […]

Anxiety, Neurofeedback, And Drug Addiction Treatment

A large majority of the young adults who enter long term drug treatment suffer from anxiety. The residents often used drugs as means of reducing and managing their anxiety. Their anxiety made it difficult for them to fit in with their peers, in school, and at work. These feelings helped to mold and establish fears […]