Self-Help for Dealing with Depression

There are many forms through which depression can manifest itself, ranging from mild to a feeling of desperation. There is no one method to deal with depression, as different options work for different people. Depression doesn’t carry any negative social stigma, as it can happen to anyone. However, depression can be treated and individuals can […]

What a Non-Addict Should Know About Dating a Person in Recovery

The relationship between a recovering addict and a non addict can be a healthy one. Nevertheless, for the non addict to find out that the person they are dating is in recovery can be quite a shock. The person in recovery may be healthy and self aware now, but used to be dependent on substances […]

Why Psychedelics Should Be Reclassified

Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the US ruled psychedelic drugs have no ‘currently accepted medical use’ and were placed in Schedule 1, the most stringent regulated category for controlled substances. This UN classification for membership comes in part by an admission by a former assistant to President Nixon that the administration lied about […]

What You Should Know About Benzo Withdrawal

The dangers of benzodiazepines are becoming more widely known. Learning about the drug and what to expect from withdrawal is part of understanding what makes the drug so dangerous to people who are struggling with dependency or addiction issues. Benzos and Cocaine Benzodiazepines are sometimes compared to cocaine in that people who use benzos crave […]

Why Opiate Use is on the Rise in Young Adults

Prescription painkillers is a leading cause of youth addiction and can be accessed from the family medicine cabinet. An alarming rise in heroin abuse cases has occurred throughout the nation due to the cheap thrill it provides. The surge is thought to be due to young suburban adults using the drug and painkillers can be […]

What a Family Can Expect for a Loved One in Recovery

When a person with addiction finishes treatment, recovery begins. Learn what to expect for a loved one in recovery and how best to support that individual through the transition. What to Expect Sobriety is the first big step in recovery. The person with addiction will begin to think more clearly about the reasons behind drug […]

5 Common Defense Mechanisms for Self Preservation

Human nature, by default, wants to protect a person from any harm and shield an individual from painful realities. In recovery, defense mechanisms are used to hide the true self and try to prevent others from breaking down barriers to get close. Defenses help people hide from facing the real motivations behind behavior. Learning to […]

How to Withdraw from Ambien

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Ambien is not classified as a narcotic under the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Like most prescription medications, however, it can be addictive. Although Ambien withdrawal won’t kill you, it will likely cause uncomfortable symptoms, beyond poor sleep. To minimize these symptoms, talk with your doctor about a […]

Letting Go of Anger in Treatment

If you want to free yourself from an addiction, you have to be in a good mental state. That doesn’t mean the people who wronged you in the past are suddenly justified; it just means that you’re going to have to forgive them, whether you like it or not. You can’t afford to be resentful, […]

Examining Success Rates of Drug Rehab Programs

If you’re considering treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, or you’ve already begun your journey to sobriety, you’ve probably heard some negative statistics about inpatient treatment–its costs, its success rates, and the fundamental ideologies behind it. Much is myth, and much is misunderstood. Statistics alone don’t quite speak volumes when dealing with something so broad, […]