Top Relapse Triggers and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to substance addiction, there are many reasons why people relapse. Even those who have gone through a successful recovery can be vulnerable to setbacks. Being aware of the warning signs can help those who struggle with substance addiction find ways to cope with triggers. Here are some warning signs to look out […]

What To Do After a Relapse

All recovering addicts should fear relapse on some level, because it’s a major setback. Just one sip or puff can undo months of physiological detox and cause cravings to return full-force. However, that’s all it is: a setback. Catch yourself When you put down the bottle or pipe after a slip, you’re essentially “quitting” once […]

Long-Term Treatment’s Answer To Relapse

NEUROFEEDBACK- long term treatments answer to relapse 2006 Study boasts a 77% recovery rate for addicts getting Neurofeedback in Treatment It’s come to my attention, recently, that Neurofeedback has reached a “tipping point” if you will (with the general public and specifically in addiction treatment circles). This is good news to me because I have […]