Signs of Internet Addiction in Children

Parents of today’s youth know exactly how to shut their children up: Hand them an iPad, a Gameboy, or a smart-phone. Parents need a break sometimes. However, the internet may not be the best babysitter out there. Many children develop compulsive internet usage before they hit their preteens. It’s tricky ground, trying to prepare children […]

Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Vicodin Detox

Vicodin withdrawal treatment has side effects, and they can have a large impact on one’s life, at least in the first few months. Many symptoms of opioid detox are physical, and these can add a lot of stress to an already mentally-draining situation. It’ll take some time to get back on the horse after giving […]

5 Ways to Deal with Drug Addiction

For anyone who’s ever had to battle drug addiction, it’s a known fact that you’ll have to keep at it for a long, long time. The important thing to know is that while the road to recovery is tough, littered with setbacks, and can seem insurmountable at times, recovery is possible. Here are some tips […]