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Emotional Trauma and Rehab

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Emotional trauma was associated with men who experienced post traumatic stress from war. Recently, however, it has expanded to include women and children who experience stressful life events which lead to physical and/or emotional damage. Sexual, physical and psychological abuse and neglect have increased emotional trauma for many people which can lead to addictions. Consider other ways emotional trauma impacts a person and how rehab can support recovery.

How it Happens

Emotional trauma can result from any number of life experiences. Things like job loss, death of a loved one or life-altering events can throw a person into tailspin. Natural disasters, car accidents and violent crime can cause emotional trauma. It is not necessary to experience physical harm for an event to produce negative emotional repercussions. Unaware of trauma and underlying repercussions, it can lead to substance abuse and have potentially serious consequences for all involved.

Rates of Abuse

While populations of people can experience physical abuse at a rate of 8.4 percent, the rates of physical abuse hover around 24 percent while 33 percent of women with alcohol dependency experience physical abuse. Children exposed to the trauma of 9/11 show similar patterns of exposure as those experiencing trauma. Substance abuse can grow out of that exposure with children being 19 times more apt to abuse substances who experienced three or more exposures to such events or traumatic experiences.


People who enroll in drug rehab discover that under the substance abuse issue is layers of trauma. The trauma may be in the distant past but it impacts future life and behavior. Emotional trauma behind substance addiction is unique to a person and has common themes.

  • Lack of anticipation of event
  • Feeling unprepared for occurrence
  • Feeling powerless to prevent situation

Everyone perceives the resulting effects of trauma differently which can lead to emotional trauma. Being human means this can lead to things like addiction without a person realizing trauma is driving the bus. It is unwise to stigmatize people with addiction as all the same because trauma impacts people differently. While one may take to addiction, others may not. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities support treatment for dual diagnosis of mental health, trauma and addictions to support a holistic recovery now and in the future.

Blueprints helps individuals with trauma find the root cause of addiction and get past it for healthy, long term recovery. Call us to find out how we can help you process what is going on in your life to get past addiction and move forward.