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Feeling Gratitude In Long Term Treatment

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, one of our residents wrote a blog about his new found feelings of gratitude.

I am coming up on five months of sobriety. I find myself feeling gratitude for many people, places, and things. The most important thing I am grateful for is my sobriety, without it nothing else is possible for me. I am grateful for the self worth, work ethic, self-discipline that I have developed in my sobriety. As my time at Blueprints For Recovery, is coming to end and I am preparing to transition on with my life, it is important for me to count my blessing and keep an open mind. One day at a time, my purpose in life has become more clear.

Where will this decision take me? Who will this action affect? Can I make a difference? And Do I know how to make a difference? The PAC Program, in their long-term recovery program, helps their clients ask and answer the important questions. Dave Birchall, the man who teaches the practice of hard work, sustainability, green living, and organic farming to the young adults in treatment, believes in the Iroquois philosophy. He, along with Rodney Zimmers and Serena Carlin are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the young men who come to them, and then the lives of their local community members, and then the world community.

Helping others has become a bright spot in my daily agenda. Doing nice things for others is a virtue that keeps me feeling grateful. I am grateful that since I have gotten sober I have begin to take care of myself physically and spiritually. I have challenged my inner demons and have come out stronger as a result. My relationships with my friends, family, and my higher power have all improved. I am grateful that I have began to clean up the wreckage of my pasts. I have let go of old relationships that were harmful to my sobriety and embraced new relationships that will help me to continue to grow.

Although, I lost a lot because of my addiction. I have learned to be grateful for what I have. I have learned how to approach life with humility. I am grateful for all the people who have helped me with my recovery so far and for the people who will help me in the future.

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