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Finding My Higher Power On Granite Mountain

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It was 5:15 am Wednesday morning and time to hit the trails. My sponsor, Rodney, came over the night before and spent the night. Out hiking bags were packed and ready to go. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, nuts, water and the step work I completed earlier in the week. On the ride there, we could see Granite Mountain in the distance. It was a beautiful morning as the sun began to rise. After about an hour drive, we arrived at the trail head. We took off on our journey, upward and onward. As we climbed up the mountain, we talked about life, moving on, moving forward, and learning to live one day at a time.

Two hours later we reached the summit. Looking out over northern Arizona, I began to feel the presence of my higher power, that since I have been sober I have began to connect with. The surrounding area was green, beautiful and filled with trees. At the summit of the mountain, we sat and had our sandwiches and took out my step work. At the top of the mountain, I did my third step. I turned my life over to the care of my higher power. It was incredible and spiritually uplifting experience turning my will and recovery over to my higher power at 7,000 ft elevation looking down at Prescott and the surrounding towns. I was overcome with sense of gratitude for the progress I have made since entering young adult drug treatment.

On our descent down the mountain, we said prayers from the big book and continued our conversation about our purpose in life. I noticed orange, purple, red, and blue flowers all along the granite foundations. A black and yellow butterfly followed us on our journey; re-affirming the presence of my higher power in my life. After about four hours of hiking we made it back to the base of the mountain. After this experience, I feel closer to my higher power. The experience reinforced the unlimited power of my higher power. I was humbled by the beauty that it created. I feel that with my higher power in my life I can achieve a lasting sobriety. I am excited about the possibilities a life of sobriety has to offer.

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