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In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Insurance

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In network means a health care provider has a relationship with your insurance company that results in discounts for you. For example, our team at The PAC Program is in-network with Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield, meaning that people insured by these providers will have a greater portion of the cost of our programs covered through their insurance plan.

Out of network means a care provider has not negotiated with your insurance company and does not offer a discount based on your health insurance plan.

Benefits of Using In-Network Insurance for Drug, Alcohol, and Trauma Rehabilitation Programs
Generally speaking, it is preferable to receive treatment through an in-network rehab facility. There are a number of reasons why this is true. When you go to a rehabilitation center that is in network&

You will have access to the help you need at a rate you can afford.
You will generally not have to make a large co-payment.
You will not have to go through pre-certification or stacks of paperwork before getting help.
HMOs vs. PPOs
Keep in mind that your insurance plan type also plays an important role. Even though a certain care facility may not have negotiated discounts with your insurance provider, but your play may offer out-of-network benefits which allow you to access the care you need through co-payment.

If you have an HMO, you do not have access to out-of-network benefits and will not be able to receive care from a provider who is not in-network without absorbing the full cost. PPOs, on the other hand, offer out-of-network benefits, which means your insurance company may float some of the cost, though you will still pay a large portion out of your own pocket.

A Compassionate, Holistic Approach to Healing and Rehabilitation in Arizona
Our team at The PAC Program desires to serve and assist you during this challenging time. We know your first priority is to get well, so we want to help you navigate the challenging world of insurance policies and in- and out-of-network coverage. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about your options at our facility.