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Learning Life Skills in Rehab

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Learning life skills when one in rehab is one of the main benefits of getting addiction treatment. Acquiring a variety of new life skills can help the individual regain their footing and be better prepared for their return to a sober lifestyle.

What Kind of Life Skills Are Taught in Rehab?
Counselors work with individuals in rehab to help them master a wide range of life skills. Some of these skills might be things the individual used to be able to do and some might be entirely new. However, it is important that the individual opens their mind to some of the critical skills that will help them on their journey to sobriety. Some of the skills that are likely to be taught in rehab are:

Coping Mechanisms – Life is stressful and the way individuals with an addiction deal with their stress is by abusing drugs or alcohol. Going back to real life after treatment can be immensely stressful and learning coping mechanisms to deal with stress in a healthy and constructive way is imperative.

Independent Living Skills – Individuals who have struggled with addiction are often not able to take care of themselves. Being in rehab can teach them a variety of independent living skills like maintaining a daily schedule, eating healthy, maintaining personal hygiene and keeping on top of their finances.

Controlling Emotions – An individual who uses drugs or alcohol may be self medicating their emotional issues. They are not curing anything, merely soothing the symptoms. In rehab the individual can learn to live an emotionally stable life.

Mastering Social Interactions – It is difficult to interact with people when the individual is addicted. Rehab will teach the individual to break through their negative emotions and learn to interact with others in society in a positive and constructive manner.

Why is Learning Life Skills Important?
It is important for the individual to master these life skills because they will help them leave rehab as a new person and one who is able to fight for and live a better life. When the individual has a strong coping mechanism, then they won’t need to turn to drugs or alcohol to feel normal or happy. Some of the reasons why learning these life skills is important are:

The individual will avoid falling victim to relapse urges.
The individual will be able to take control over their life.
They will know to stay away from emotionally difficult and traumatizing situations.
They will become a more socially adept person.
How are Life Skills Taught in Rehab?
These are taught in a variety of different ways. Some are learned subtly just by attending activities in rehab, while others require specialized programs. Typically life skills are taught via the following methods:

Working with psychologists and other mental health specialists.
Attending specific skills classes.
Interacting with other people in recovery.
Becoming proficient in relapse avoidance techniques.
Learning new methods of communication.
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