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Living Meaningfully

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An important aspect of recovery is becoming a part of our families again, returning to our communities, and finding or reinventing meaningful work. One of the important things that The PAC Program offers their clients is a new opportunity to practice living meaningfully.

Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine, recently reminded me of The Great Law of the Iroquois: “When we plan, make or build, we hold it appropriate to think seven generations ahead. We decide whether the decisions made today will benefit children seven generations into the future.” This is an excellent value for those new, or not so new to the recovery movement, to think about as they rejoin life and begin to search for meaning.

“Where will this decision take me? Who will this action affect? Can I make a difference? And Do I know how to make a difference?” The PAC Program, in their long-term recovery program, helps their clients ask and answer the important questions. Dave Birchall, the man who teaches the practice of hard work, sustainability, green living, and organic farming to the young adults in treatment, believes in the Iroquois philosophy. He, along with Rodney Zimmers and Serena Carlin are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the young men who come to them, and then the lives of their local community members, and then the world community.

They began with 7 acres of barren ranch land in Prescott, AZ, and have step by step created an incredible vision. Clearing the land, naturally, was the first order of the day. The Clients built the first of 3 large compost bins and began a recycling program. The project at Blueprints utilizes donated materials and wastes next to nothing. The end game in this incredible, values-based, drug and alcohol treatment program is to eventually be off-grid (getting energy from solar and wind) and finding ways to collect, filter and use water in ecologically responsible ways.

Imagine the feelings of accomplishment and pride that these young adults achieve through learning, sharing, and building something important that will affect the Earth in a positive way for at least seven generations. With schools like Prescott College, really focusing on the Environment, Permaculture, and Eco-Engineering, Blueprints is ahead of the curve in drug and alcohol treatment. Rodney Zimmers hopes that some of the young people completing the program will be passionately inspired to go into that field after leaving Blueprints. He had the idea that Blueprints might be an ideal eco-classroom for some of the Prescott College students, and it would be the perfect union of hope, learning, and change for the future. The Garden Project at The PAC Program is something we can all find inspiration from, making incremental changes in our own lives, our homes, and our communities. Look for Blueprints for recovery at the local farmers markets in the spring of 2013.

Contributed by Janice Witt, MA, Addiction and Trauma Specialist Neurofeedback Practitioner and Consultant

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