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Long-Term Treatment’s Answer To Relapse

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NEUROFEEDBACK- long term treatments answer to relapse 2006 Study boasts a 77% recovery rate for addicts getting Neurofeedback in Treatment

It’s come to my attention, recently, that Neurofeedback has reached a “tipping point” if you will (with the general public and specifically in addiction treatment circles). This is good news to me because I have spent the last several years of my life trying to spread the word, about neurofeedback, to anyone and everyone who would listen, especially in addiction treatment facilities. If you ask most psychiatrists about neurofeedback, they will look at you as if you were discussing the next shuttle to Mars or the elimination of all plastic products from the Earth. And sadly, this is true across the board with a handful of exceptions like Doctors Terry Eagan, Rob Ashby, and George Bight, who have been advocates from the beginning, since the research first began to appear and replicate.

The good news is this: Neurofeedback works, and it works really well. Most recently, I’ve been working with The PAC Program and their long-term recovery program. What’s extraordinary is how Neurofeedback and Long-term treatment fit together for relapse prevention and long-term recovery.

The research shows that 43 sessions is the “sweet spot” in Neurofeedback and relapse prevention. However, Neurofeedback is specifically used for peak performance and shows incredible results in frontal lobe development. So, using Neurofeedback up into the hundreds of sessions only enhances brain agility, attention, focus, memory, and feelings of well-being. I’ve been working with one client who has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has had 133 sessions, at this point, and his empathy and expressed emotion has increased dramatically. We hope to do at least 200 sessions in an effort to increase self-awareness and empathy. We have also worked with several clients who have substantial brain injuries. They are responding amazingly well to Neurofeedback. Long-term treatment programs make getting enough Neurofeedback more easily accomplished.

In most cities, Neurofeedback averages $100.00-$150.00 per hour. So within the long-term recovery setting, Neurofeedback becomes an affordable luxury. And Addicts in early recovery are in desperate need of the benefits that Neurofeedback offers.

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