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Music in a Young Adult Drug Treatment Program

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I can remember picking up a guitar for the first when I was about 5 years old. Almost my whole family played either the guitar or the piano. When I was five my hands weren’t big enough to play but I would sit there and try to play, picking an odd note here and there. When I grew a little, I got my first guitar. It was a beautiful acoustic guitar. For the next few years, my father and brother taught me how to play the guitar and my mom taught me how to play the piano. As I got older, I started bands with my friends. I loved playing and making music. As I got older I started using and abusing different drugs. Eventually my addiction took over and I sold the acoustic guitar I learned to play on for drugs.

After surviving several near overdoses, a trip to jail, and going two drug treatment programs, my passion for music returned to me when I found sobriety. I am now successfully completing Blueprints For Recovery. I am extremely grateful to be recovering at a place that has helped me to reconnect with music. I thank my higher power for the blessing of music. With a new clean mind, I can write quality songs. I also get a chance to teach other people how to play the guitar. I feel great sharing my love of music with others. I have learned a lot about myself from teaching others to play guitar. I am becoming more patient in working with others. Music is outlet for me to express my feelings and emotions in a healthy constructive way. I can play and write better songs without drugs and alcohol. My addiction nearly cost me the gift of music. I am grateful that sobriety has given it back. I look forward for the opportunity to play music with my family again.

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