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Step one is the foundation of 12-step recovery. The first step clearly outlines the wreckage created by the individuals addiction. The first step first has two main points. The first main point is the unmanageability created by the individuals addiction. The young adult in drug rehab will begin to examine carefully how their addiction impacted their lives. The person will see how their addiction impacted all areas of their existence. One of the most common statements young adult addicts say is Their addiction was only hurting themselves. However in doing a thorough first step, the individual will see how their addiction impacted their family, friends, romantic relationships, and co-workers. It is important for the individual to see how their addiction impacted more than just their selves (as if the harm done to them is not enough). At Blueprints For Recovery, we believe it is important for the young adult males in drug treatment to see the whole picture on how their addiction impacted their life. We encourage all of our residents to write out how their addiction impacted the way they feel about themselves, how it impacted and harmed their family, friends, and significant others. We ask them to look at how it impacted negatively their careers, education, and finance. Their addiction also impacted their spiritual and emotional growth as well. By examining how their addiction impacted every thread of their existence, it hopefully becomes clear that nothing good is coming from the drug and alcohol usage.

The next part of the first step is looking at how they are powerless over their addiction. Most alcoholic and drug addicts have made some sort of attempt at controlling their consumption of drugs and alcohol. The young adult will write and examine how, when, and why they tried to control their addiction. It is important for them to see that they have been unable to keep their addiction at bay on their own accord. This demonstrates that whenever they pick up that first drink or drug they can no longer control their addiction. The only safe way for them to keep their addiction in remission is by complete abstinence.

Blueprints For Recovery believes that in order for lasting recovery to occur outside of treatment to occur the individual must understand that they cannot drink or use drugs like other people. One of our key program elements is 12 step recovery. The 12 steps allow for the young adult to find a new way of living. Our long term drug program allows for all of our residents the time to complete all 12 steps thoroughly and honestly. We want them to experience a new way of being before they complete treatment while being in a place that is safe. A strong first step creates a pathway for the other 11 steps to be practiced without reservation.

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