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How can one stop being addicted to sex? An individual who is addicted to sex will risk everything for a sexual encounter, for the promise of euphoria which never delivers anything real and consistent. And the individual usually ends up feeling remorse and shame. The individual will only want to seek treatment for sexual addiction when the negative consequences begin to outweigh the brief moments of pleasure.

Why Seek Help for Sexual Addiction?

There are many costs to having a sex addiction. The perceived benefits of it don’t compare to the harmful effects. So what are some reasons for the individual to seek help?

Depression and anxiety remain despite the individual using mood alternating behavior. These unwanted states don’t get resolved with sexual encounters.

The individual’s personality remains one dimensional because they are using sexuality as a pivotal part of their personal identity.

The individual doesn’t develop coping skills like problem solving, assertiveness or humor,

because they are using sex, porn or masturbation as their primary coping mechanism.

Lack of impulse control, leading to poor control over all areas of their life.

The individual sees others only as need satisfying objects, and has no capacity for compassion, because they are not concerned with others.

Expending a great deal of time and energy over their particular sexual proclivity is spending non creative and non productive energy. The individual is not in pursuit of any healthy or realistic goals.

With so many problems that could occur, it’s no wonder that the individual will probably experience marital issues like decreased intimacy with their spouse or no quality time with their children. As long as the situation will remains unchanged, the the individual will continue to feel stuck.

Counseling for Sexual Addiction

What does counseling for sexual addiction entail? Trying to overcome a sexual addiction means that the individual must deal with their ambivalence about changing their situation. It can seem too difficult to do. They might wonder what happens after sex addiction treatment? How will it change their sexuality? It may be hard for them to imagine sex without compulsion and addiction.

Some counseling techniques use cost benefit analysis to make the individual ask themselves what is the price they’re paying in terms of their self esteem and quality of life, as compared to the momentary pleasure they receive. Once the individual understands the true cost of their addiction, only then will they take steps to overcome it.

There are many benefits to recovery, not least of which is a freedom from a self imposed compulsive state which controls the individual’s behavior. The individual will see positive changes in their romantic relationships and become more emotionally stable.

Blueprints provides support for young adults facing addiction recovery. Call us if you need help for your loved one who is struggling to quit a sexual addiction. We offer individualized programs to help resolve addictive behaviors and get them on the path to recovery and healing.