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The 8 Promises of Sobriety

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Recovery Will Never Fail You

Individuals who use drugs or alcohol to cope with daily life stresses or unwind after a long day expect the substances to fill some kind of void in their lives. When casual use addiction, the substances turn into a guiding for the individual’s life. Addiction treatment will provide the individual with the tools and support they need to break the cycle of addiction. Recovery promises the rewards of living a sober lifestyle. Recovery promises to bring stability to the individual’s life and become their new positive guiding force.

Comfort In Social Situations

An important promise of sobriety is the ability to be more at ease in social situations. Many people struggling with addiction use substances as a security blanket when they are socializing. They depend on drugs or alcohol to make an event fun and become the life of the party by lowering their inhibitions. Recovery promises that the individual can stay sober and have fun, whether at a party, a concert, even a club. It gives the individual confidence in their recovery.

Sobriety Keeps One Safe

When an individual is sober they refrain from putting themselves in dangerous situations. These same individuals under the influence of would have put themselves at risk for behavior such as driving drunk or engaging in unprotected sex, because drugs and alcohol would provide them with a false sense of security. In sobriety, the individual understands themselves and their triggers better, so as to avoid unsafe behavior.

Better Ways To Relieve Stress

An often used excuse by individuals with an addiction is that they are only doing it to relieve the stresses of daily life. But using substances like drugs and alcohol can only relieve stress for the short term. In recovery the underlying causes of stress can be recognized and understood, and the individual can turn to utilizing healthy stress relief techniques, rather than substances.

Getting One’s Personality Back

Individuals struggling with addiction can tend to attach their well being and personality to their use of substances. They may think they are witty and charming and the life of the party when they have a drink in their hand. The truth is usually far from that but the individual doesn’t realize it. However, being sober allows the individual to discover who they really are, and let their true personality shine through.

Being Able To Relieve Pain

Very often the issue of substance abuse revolves around physical or psychological pain. Using substances only provides temporary relief from pain. Quitting drugs or alcohol means that the individual can come to terms with their pain and take steps to address it, like seeing a doctor or psychologist.

Sobriety Promises Happiness

As human beings, we are hardwired to feel pleasure and happiness. Substances provide that temporary pleasure, but at a price. Individuals who drink or do drugs chronically develop a tolerance to the substance, needing more to achieve those feelings. In sobriety, the individual can eventually start to feel true happiness and pleasure, without any harmful aids.

Trusting One’s Own Self

Facing challenges in recovery is common. One can find oneself vulnerable to temptation and the urge to relapse can be strong. In these times the individual must remember all the things that sobriety will bring, and use the skills learned in treatment to break free from destructive thoughts and have confidence in one’s own self.

If you are a young adult in need of support as you navigate your recovery, we have the resources to provide that to you. Blueprints has a number of programs that can be personalized to make your journey to recovery as effective as possible. Call us for more information.