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The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Therapy

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Drug rehab becomes necessary when dependency turns into addiction; when the person loses their ability to control their drug usage or behavior. All addiction treatments start with detoxification, but after that, you have a few options: inpatient or out. People with severe addictions should start with inpatient rehab and continue on with outpatient afterward.


Many people turn to outpatient so they may continue with their normal lives: work, school, etc. These responsibilities shouldn’t be your main priority—conquering your addiction should.

Many people simply need inpatient rehab, no matter how inconvenient it may be. Physicians at your detox clinic will likely provide a recommendation. For those with milder addictions, outpatient alone may suffice.


Compared to inpatient programs, outpatient requires more cooperation from the patient and their support network. Programs typically last 6-20 hours per week. They employ three primarily elements: individual therapy, group therapy, and support groups. Patients in these programs must be self-motivated, but with some help on the outside as well. They’re still in treatment; they’re not just attending these therpay session all on their own accord.


Outpatient programs are often used as an effective alternate, as well as a successor to, jail-time or juvenile detention. These patients, depending on their histories, may be placed in specialized programs, but not always. Offenders are often placed sober homes, but this usually takes place once outpatient treatment is completed inside the detention facility.


To apply for outpatient rehab, you must meet the diagnostic criteria for drug addiction, abuse, or dependency issues. Signs that rehab may be a good option are physical dependency to, and withdrawal symptoms without, drugs or alcohol; an inability to withdraw from drug use despite being conscious of self-destructive effects; mood swings and violent behavior; issues with relationships and finances due to drug use; and failure to stop using.

Substance abuse problems can affect anyone. Our specialists are happy to help you or loved one conquers their issue. You can’t “cure” an addiction, but you can learn to live sober. To get a sense of our how our outpatient rehab program works, explore our website or call us further information.