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What to Expect from your Addiction Rehab Program

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Rehab centers and programs fall into two main types. Inpatient rehab which requires individuals wanting to recover to stay in a treatment facility during the course of treatment, and outpatient rehab, where the individual stays at home but attends regular therapy and counseling sessions. All rehab centers share some common traits in terms of what to expect, when an individual starts a treatment program.

Screening and Assessment

The first step upon entering a drug and alcohol rehab center is that the individual is screened and assessed by the staff. These could include psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, licensed clinical workers, or any combination of them. A screening and assessment gives the professionals a chance to diagnose the individual’s addiction as well as any other underlying disorders, and come up with a treatment plan.


Once the individual is accepted into the facility they are usually required to go through a medical detox. During the detox period the individual is closely monitored by the staff as they experience withdrawal symptoms. Medically assisted detox is slightly more comfortable than doing it on one’s own, since there are always professionals on hand should there be any complications and it minimizes the risk of relapse at this stage.

Should the individual be in an outpatient program, they may still be required to go through a private medical detox program first, as many treatment centers include detox as a prerequisite to being accepted into their program.


This is the one service that is common across all treatment programs and the individual can definitely expect to be in therapy while they are in rehab, specifically psychotherapy. Drug and alcohol treatment generally includes individual therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy.


Most treatment programs incorporate the use of medication. However, they are not a stand alone cure for addiction, but show best results when used together with therapy. Not all individuals respond to medication, and they are used in different ways in treatment. Some may be used to reduce cravings or treat specific symptoms of withdrawal. Medication might also be prescribed to treat co-occurring or underlying mental health disorders.


Learning about and understanding addiction is key to beating it. Rehab programs offer educational sessions on the nature of drugs or alcohol use and its effects, and these are mandatory to attend.

Making the decision to go to rehab is a difficult one and actually getting through the process is daunting. It is important to gather all the necessary information in order to make the best decision possible as to which rehab facility to attend.