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What You Should Know About Benzo Withdrawal

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The dangers of benzodiazepines are becoming more widely known. Learning about the drug and what to expect from withdrawal is part of understanding what makes the drug so dangerous to people who are struggling with dependency or addiction issues.

Benzos and Cocaine

Benzodiazepines are sometimes compared to cocaine in that people who use benzos crave the dopamine surge of the drug like others, including cocaine, provide. Debilitating symptoms can arise following dependence or addiction to the drug which is where the real danger lies. Understanding how it affects the body and brain is important but it takes unmasking other dangers to see what risk truly exists.

Dangers of Benzos

Most people who use benzos take the drug per prescription by doctor and yet a different story will exist than chasing a surge of dopamine. People who use the drug may actually be trying to keep symptoms of withdrawal away. The drug causes changes in the GABA receptors which cause some of the following symptoms when the dose is lowered or removed:

Extreme anxiety






The physical body is also impacted by withdrawal symptoms including aches and pains in the bones, joints, muscles and nerve endings. Some of the problems that may arise include:



Sense of taste





Benzos can cause brain damage even before withdrawal begins. It is not wise generally speaking to remove the drug too quickly. The brain is forced to react quickly to the change. There are ways to taper doses so that the withdrawal symptoms are not too overwhelming. The truth is life is probably greatly impacted by addiction to the drug as it is and withdrawal can make it feel worse but getting off benzos is better than deciding to keep using the drug just to avoid withdrawal or eventually weaning off the drug.

Having the Conversation

People who suffer through benzodiazepine withdrawal experience many challenges. Recovery is not easy but it is possible. It starts with a conversation with doctors and physicians about prescription drugs as well as helping people who become addicted in the first place. Once the media begins to cover the story and the dangers are laid out, it will become apparent what needs to happen and how to support those whose lives have been impacted by addiction.

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