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Drug treatment isn’t exactly most people’s idea of fun, but neither is any other necessary medical interventionist procedure. At The PAC Program, we know how hard drug recovery and treatment can be, not only on our patients, but on their friends and families as well. We firmly believe that drug addiction is an ongoing issue that requires long-term treatment and support, this is why we offer such options and design our programs to prevent relapse as well as support long-term recovery goals. The challenges of drug recovery are unique to the situation, we understand that and incorporate this understanding into our professional, compassionate drug treatment programs.

Drug Recovery
Many drug recovery centers simply offer a place for patients to detoxify or endure their withdrawal in relative comfort, but toss them out once that period is over. We have no interest in that approach. We care deeply for each and every one of the patients who passes through our facility. Young adults facing drug recovery need the ongoing support of a caring community, which is exactly what we provide at The PAC Program.

The PAC Program is a long-term drug treatment facility that embraces a residential approach to drug treatment. Our treatment doesn’t begin and end with the raw materials of drug-related health issues. We encourage a holistic approach that focuses on community support, and other issues like the importance of nutrition to drug recovery. Our twelve-step program comes at the issue of addiction from every conceivable angle and aims for the greatest chance of long-term drug recovery.

Adventure and Nutrition Therapy
When we say we approach drug treatment from every angle, we mean it. Our therapy isn’t just physical or medical. When a loved one is staying with us, you can stay up to date with The PAC Program when you call us today at 623-523-4748, but be aware that your loved one might be outdoors enjoying our adventure therapy program.

Adventure therapy is designed to show our patients how much there is to enjoy about post-drug life by immersing them in physically rewarding experiences that rebuild, not only their physical health, but their emotional and psychological health as well. Our experiential therapy programs include weekly hikes to improve our patients’ fitness, as well as backpacking trips around the Southwest that foster a sense of community among our patients.

When those in recovery have a community supporting their recovery, they know that there are people relying on them to recover, and people going through exactly what they are at the same time. That sense of responsibility and camaraderie gives our patients the motivation they need to maintain their sobriety long-term. It also fosters lifelong friendships among people with similar experiences, so they can stay away from drugs and drug recovery centers for the rest of their lives.