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Why Addiction is a Chronic Disease, Not a Choice

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Despite the overwhelming evidence proving against such, many people continue to argue addiction is a choice people continue to make. However, this could not be further from the truth, as addiction is a chronic disease like any other. According to DrugAbuse.gov, studies have shown addiction is likened to a brain disease in that it causes compulsive behaviors outside of one’s ability to choose. Even when an addict realizes his addiction is ruining his personal and professional lives, he will continue to succumb to a desire greater than he.

Despite the harmful consequences associated with partaking in the substance once more, addicts will continue to use, citing an inability to stop. The truth of the matter is, substance abuse changes the brain to the point where it is nearly impossible to resist a compulsive drive to keep using. These physical changes in the brain also inhibit one’s ability to make decisions in a rational manner.

Many people argue against this fact, and state addicts once made the choice to start using drugs or alcohol. While this is true, many people partake in various substances, particularly in social situations–however, just because someone chooses to use, doesn’t mean they choose to abuse.

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