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Why Opiate Use is on the Rise in Young Adults

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Prescription painkillers is a leading cause of youth addiction and can be accessed from the family medicine cabinet. An alarming rise in heroin abuse cases has occurred throughout the nation due to the cheap thrill it provides. The surge is thought to be due to young suburban adults using the drug and painkillers can be expensive while heroin costs less. Learn more about the rise of opiate use in young adults.

New Laws

Advocacy for new laws would require blood tests prior to obtaining prescription painkillers. Effective drug education in schools and increasing the number of spaces available at inpatient and outpatient treatment centers is necessary to handle the rising number of teens and young adults who need treatment. There is an increase and both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers must be prepared to handle the rising number of teens and young adults who need treatment. Decreasing illegal availability with prescription-drug monitoring programs is important while identifying people who go to different doctors and pharmacies to get pills.

Cheap Thrill

Heroin is easy and cheaper to get than prescription pain pills. Everything possible can be tried but when heroin is introduced it seems like not a big deal. The possibility of overdose rises and soon enough an individual is in trouble with addiction. Colleges are creating recovery programs to support young people on campus struggling with addiction. Some others are seeking drugs in the home environment going through medicine cabinets and finding whatever drugs are available. Dangerous interactions can have devastating effects on young people just starting off in life.


Numbers are on the increase for the age group 18-25-year-olds who are being admitted to treatment centers for heroin and opiate addiction with increasing numbers. No reason exists to demonstrate why this is happening but younger people are finding different ways to gain access to money to buy the drugs and new avenues of obtaining the drugs.

Education is the key component for many young people. More treatment centers are needed so people can get the help that is necessary but so is education around the risks and dangers of opiate use which can lead to addiction. Some young people die before help is ever given because people did not know what to look for, either. It is important to educate whole communities about what to look for and determine what is best for individual families as far as offering protection against the deadly scourge of addiction.

Blueprints understands young people face great challenges in recovery. Every individual is unique so the young adult treatment program is custom tailored for each client’s needs to provide the best attention and treatment each person deserves. Call us for more information.