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Why Yoga Helps in Recovery

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Yoga can be of lifelong benefit to people who keep doing it consistently, especially in recovery. Learn why yoga is so helpful especially for individuals with addiction and in recovery. Find some tips to help start a practice for overall health and wellness.

How Yoga Helps
People with addiction have both internal and external challenges to face. Most of the time, addiction is tackled by looking at the person’s interior life and focusing on how to build strength and heal the inner body, mind and spirit for a stronger outer life in relationships, work and other facets that are impacted through addiction. Yoga helps bring peaceful unity within the body, mind and spirit. This can increase physical and mental stamina. This also helps decrease the stress of everyday life which may trigger a person to use drugs or alcohol.

Practicing Yoga
Yoga is an eight-fold path when it comes to approaching life. Each aspect of yoga is called a ‘limb.’ The yoga practiced in the west is the third limb of yoga called ‘asana’ or yoga of postures. The practice of postures is preceded by the following three things:

Right living


Spiritual path

In the western world, over one hundred types of yoga have been recognized. The choice of yoga style depends on individual needs, history and preferences. Some of the more popular styles of yoga include:

Ashtanga yoga

Bikram yoga

Iyengar yoga

Purna yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Starting a Practice
Yoga practice is best begun under the supervision and guidance of a yoga teacher. The body needs proper alignment in the spine and joints to prevent injury. Yoga injuries occur when a person does not take care to be mindful of how the body moves in space. Muscle tension, pulling and strains can occur. Gentle flow of the positions can be very beneficial with the following poses being great for beginners:

Cobra pose

Mountain pose

Seated forward bend

Staff pose

Standing forward bend

Tree pose

A yoga teacher can introduce breathing and mindfulness practices that can be used at the same time as a posture is held. Breathing is very important and helps connect the mind and body. A certified teacher is helpful. Learn more by checking out yoga magazines and books as well as looking online or asking friends for recommendations for local studios to practice yoga.

Blueprints provides support for individuals in recovery from addiction. If you are struggling with how to overcome addiction, yoga and other alternative methods can be helpful but so can the support of people who understand. Call us to find out how we can help you get a better handle on addiction and recovery for the long term.