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Recovery from substance abuse is about more than detox, it’s also about finding fun in everyday life and activities without drugs or alcohol. Research by the Recovery Research Institute proves that recovery from addiction is possible, it just takes a bit of time. To help you recover, some intriguing group therapy ideas can help.

Just like typical health issues, addiction is treatable and it changes the body’s biology. You can’t heal overnight, but you can heal. Because alcohol and drugs rewire the brain’s circuitry and chemicals, it takes work at changing them back.

New Ways to Have Fun

To get your mind and body back to health, it’s important to find new ways to give yourself the fun you crave without harmful substances. This is where indoor rehab comes in! Practicing therapeutic leisure activities and group therapy ideas helps you connect with yourself and those around you–without alcohol or drugs.
The following are fun group therapy ideas in Prescott, Arizona that can recharge your mind and keep you on the path to sobriety. Drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona can be enjoyable, therapeutic, and educational.
Group therapy in rehab doesn’t need to be somber to be effective. Group therapy can include engaging in activities with other people in recovery. Although these Prescott, Arizona sites are much more fun to visit with a group of sober recovery peers, visiting these sites by yourself can be just as fulfilling.


Whether you’re from Prescott Arizona or out of town, the Sharlot Hall Museum is a must-see. Include the museum when developing group therapy ideas, as this site holds a lot of information that can spur conversations and create thoughtful feedback.

Finding unique options for drug and alcohol rehab in Prescott isn’t difficult. The Sharlot Hall Museum houses much of Arizona’s early history and was started by one of the first people to get elected to Arizona’s Women Hall of Fame, Sharlot Hall. The museum’s main attraction is its lecture series and live history events. If you’re interested in simulating 19th-century life and learning about life before smartphones, this Prescott, Arizona museum is the ideal place to visit.


The Museum of Indigenous People, formerly called the Smoki Museum, provides an in-depth look at the history of Arizona’s indigenous cultures. Learn about the cultural significance of the beautiful Native American clothing and dances. If you feel like doing some shopping, you can buy handmade jewelry and fabric in the museum trading post.

Learning about other cultures is a good group therapy idea. Drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona can be about meeting other sober-minded people. You can open your circle to other people and cultures. Learning about others is part of expanding your worldview. For this reason, connecting with other cultures and ideas can lead to more coping skills for you to pull from. Even if most of your world has consisted of your current environment thus far, there are so many places and people to discover in Prescott, Arizona, and around the world!


One of the best group therapy ideas to do in Prescott, Arizona is the Elks Opera House Theatre. Located one block east of Prescott’s Historic Courthouse Square, the Elks Opera House Theatre is not only a magical site on its own, but it also serves as a venue for some of the most legendary shows in Prescott, Arizona.

Check out their list of dance classes, fundraisers, and tributes. You’re bound to find some entertainment and sober friends at the Elks Opera House Theatre, or you can bring your group to the theatre.


Although it’s part of the Sharlot Hall Museum, the Fort Whipple Museum stands all on its own. Located on the Veteran’s Administration Campus, the Fort Whipple Museum displays Arizona’s military past.
The museum hosts detailed re-enactments involving Prescott Arizona and its wild west heritage. Volunteers in period costumes demonstrate weaponry and wares from the wild west era, along with explaining military logistics. If you’re looking for a conversation starter for group therapy in rehab, you’ll find it at the Fort Whipple Museum.


Great for all ages, the Highlands Center for Natural History has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in orchids, rocks, or lizards, the Highlands Center for Natural History will keep you engaged for hours. Bring your walking shoes, because the outdoor trails and educational tours are captivating. If you’re going through drug and alcohol rehab in Prescott Arizona and looking for group therapy ideas, make sure to stop by the Highlands Center for Natural History.

Learning about the environment and appreciating nature will lift your spirits and focus your energy on your recovery. Searching for group therapy ideas to do with like-minded sober friends? The Highlands Center for Natural History can provide you with fun in the sun for group therapy in rehab in Prescott Arizona.


Last, but not least, is the Phippen Museum. If you’d like to make art part of your recovery from drugs and alcohol in Prescott Arizona, then the Phippen Museum is for you. Immerse yourself in the art and heritage of the American West with exhibits about cowboys, horses, and western life.

If you’re looking for something more interactive for group therapy ideas, you can take a look at their workshops. Engaging in group therapy in rehab can be much more productive if you’re engaged in something that interests you. You may find your new hobby and new friends at the Phippen Museum in Prescott, Arizona.


Prescott Arizona, in particular, can be a place to dig up significant and historical group therapy ideas. Sometimes, creating group therapy takes thinking outside the box. Group therapy doesn’t have to be held in four walls or the same room over and over. Group therapy in rehab should be invigorating and uplifting. It should spark change. Don’t feel you have to limit your drug or alcohol rehab in Arizona to repetitive options.
There’s much more out there in Prescott, Arizona that can connect you to other people. Addiction often keeps you in the same thought patterns and behaviors. New experiences can help to expand your world and help you achieve your goals. It may take some time. It may take a few tries. But you’ll discover the right environment for drug or alcohol rehab in Arizona for you.


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