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Life’s worries seem less heavy when you’re doing outdoor activities. Why? It could be many things. The vast expanse of sky or the fresh air could be reasons. Perhaps it’s the proximity to nature or the lack of people. What we do know is that spending time outdoors, even for as little as 10 minutes, can improve your mental health.1

Northern Arizona is an ideal place for reconnecting with nature and letting you disconnect from your troubles. Being immersed in outdoor activities allows you to focus your mind on something other than the typical worries. And when you’re in drug rehab in Arizona, you’ve got the best of the great outdoors at your fingertips.


Just four miles north of Prescott Arizona is a local gem called Granite Dells.2 Stunning doesn’t begin to describe the scenery. Unusual and majestic rock formations, two glassy lakes, and miles of trails provide one of the best options for outdoor rehab in Arizona.

The Granite Dell’s two lake areas, Watson Lake Park and Willow Lake Park offer both biking and hiking trails for exploring. Whether you want to spend an afternoon or camp for a week, Granite Dells can help you through drug rehab in Arizona. Bring water, some healthy food, and your camera. Be prepared to take photos of some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery you’ll ever see.


Located a little under nine miles from Prescott, Arizona is the Granite Basin.3 The very basic name hides some truly diverse and unique treasures. Getting your fill of outdoor activities isn’t difficult when you’re in the Granite Basin. Whether you prefer hiking, biking, or horseback riding, the area has all the above ready to achieve successful drug rehab in Arizona.

The area also offers camping options, rock climbing, boating, and fishing. Just remember to leave the electric bike at home because motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on the trails. Swimming is also not allowed in Granite Lake. Fortunately, there are so many outdoor activities in Northern Arizona to choose from that you won’t even miss swimming.


Kickstart your outdoor rehab in Arizona with the 56-mile Prescott Circle Trail. You can mountain bike, hike, backpack, or horse ride through this trail that circles Prescott, Arizona. The Prescott Circle Trail connects many of the parks and trails surrounding Prescott. You’ll feel rejuvenated and calmer once you’ve started your outdoor rehab, and the Prescott Circle Trail is an ideal place to begin.


Northern Arizona, as you may have already noticed, holds a wealth of options for outdoor activities. If you’re willing to drive a little ways south of Prescott Arizona, you’ll be happy to find even more at Goldwater Lake Park.4 You’ll find yourself surprised as greenery emerges and pine trees appear.

If you’re looking for a different experience from the usual mesas and rocky hills, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Goldwater Lake Park. You can lose your worries in the wilderness by hiking, kayaking, and fishing. The pine trees transport you to another world, so you may not remember that you’re in drug rehab in Prescott.


Located near Granite Dells, Watson Lake Park can inspire mindfulness and serenity while in drug rehab in Arizona. The mirror-like waters against the blue sky feel surreal, offering the opportunity to suspend anxieties for just a little while. In Watson Lake, you can fish, canoe, kayak, and boat. And, of course, the surrounding areas offer rock climbing and hiking. The park also includes amenities like picnic tables, barbecue grills, and playground equipment.


Last, but not least, is Thumb Butte.5 Located a few minutes outside of Prescott Arizona, Thumb Butte is the most striking landmark near the city. Over six thousand feet in height, it’s beloved by locals and tourists alike.

When it comes to finding fun and rehab friendly things to do, Thumbe Butte is an excellent option. Thumb Butte offers a convenient location for outdoor rehab in Arizona. It even has a trail (#33) meant for beginners.
The track gives educational overviews identifying the special features and unique vegetation located on Thumb Butte. Although this trail brings you up 600 feet in elevation in little just under a mile, plenty of rest stops are available to enjoy. If the hike is too easy for your liking, follow one of the many connecting trails surrounding the Prescott Arizona area to find one that suits your activity level.


Prescott Arizona holds countless options for intriguing outdoor activities. Known for its epic scenery and friendliness towards travelers, the city of Prescott welcomes visitors. Inquire with the locals before embarking on your journey. They’ll have the foremost information on how to go about your outdoor experiences safely and successfully.
As beautiful as Northern Arizona is, the terrain and climate can be tough. Always remember to bring a map, let others know where you’ll be going, and bring plenty of food and water. The weather can reach high temperatures in the day and cold at night. Cell phone reception can be spotty and limited, depending on the area. Planning ahead to stay safe makes outdoor activities much more enjoyable in the end. When initiating outdoor rehab in Arizona, make well-being your priority.
Northern Arizona offers various outdoor activities that can remind you of how much you’ve achieved so far. Choosing to go through drug rehab isn’t an easy option. It’s a brave and complex decision, but a worthwhile one. Opting to undergo outdoor rehab in Arizona adds another layer of meaning to your journey.
Part of what makes outdoor rehab so effective is the ability to transport you outside of your everyday environment. Far from traditional coping mechanisms, you can discover other strengths you never knew you had. Outdoor rehab allows you to come away with new insights and thought patterns to help you maintain recovery. When you return from outdoor rehab, you come back as a changed person each time. And you can always rest assured that whenever you need, the great outdoors in Prescott Arizona is out there waiting for you to return.


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