Oxycodone and Alcohol

A Dangerous Combination

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Oxycodone, a narcotic, is used to treat mild to severe pain. It’s classified as an opioid and is only accessible in significant quantities by prescription. Oxycodone is synonymous with OxyContin and is used in Percocet. OxyContin, in comparison to oxycodone, is used for continuous pain treatment. As such, it continuously releases oxycodone over 12 hours. We’re going to cover oxycodone and alcohol side effects, dangers, and more.


Alcohol and oxycodone have profound effects on the body. When mixed, these effects can result in serious long-term injury and hospitalization. There’s no safe situation for mixing alcohol and oxycodone.

The Risks of Mixing Oxycodone and Alcohol

There are many dangers associated with mixing alcohol and oxycodone. Those that abuse alcohol and oxycodone are at risk for any or all of the following:


Oxycodone in excess can trigger asthmatic symptoms such as shortness of breath. When combined with alcohol this respiratory effect is made worse. The result is the brain shutting down from a lack of oxygen.

Permanent Brain Damage

Permanent brain damage from insufficient oxygen occurs after 3 minutes. This means that even if one doesn’t fatally suffocate, they could still experience long-term reduced brain function.

Liver Damage

Mixing oxycodone and alcohol can result in severe liver damage. Both alcohol and oxycodone can cause liver failure and in long-term abuse, cirrhosis. Oxycodone and alcohol have an increased negative effect on preexisting liver conditions.

Alcohol/Drug Dependency

When taken in excess either compound can cause severe dependency which only contributes to negative long-term effects. Alcohol and oxycodone side effects include endless variables. This means that even if you were to take approx. the same amount of oxycodone and alcohol, the side effects and intensity would still vary between sessions.

Oxycodone and Alcohol Side Effects

Alcohol and oxycodone side effects vary but the most common include:

Oxycodone and alcohol side effects can also activate underlying health conditions like asthma, mood disorders, and more. These side effects may appear as especially common alcohol and oxycodone are abused together.


The dangers of mixing alcohol and oxycodone are well studied. There’s no safe threshold with which to consume any combination of the two. Oxycodone and alcohol can cause serious long-term impairment, brain damage, liver damage, and lung damage. Alcohol and Oxycodone also do not mix well with other drugs, recreational or otherwise.

Lethal Dose of Oxycodone and Alcohol

While there is no documented lethal dosage from mixing oxycodone and alcohol; their separate lethal doses are widely available.

Oxycodone Lethal Dose

A single dose of 40mg of more can cause fatal respiratory depression. Alternatively, 80mg in less than about 24 hours is fatal as well.

Alcohol Lethal Dose

A blood alcohol level of 0.40% or higher is known to cause fatal respiratory arrest. Keep in mind that even the lethal dosage of either compound can vary wildly between individuals. If you’ve taken a lethal mixture of alcohol and oxycodone then call emergency services immediately.


Oxycodone and alcohol treatment can make recovery possible. Seeking help and rehabilitation is the first step in sobriety. If you or anyone you know are seeking oxycodone and alcohol treatment, then reach out to your local clinic or centers for more information.


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