Percocet and Alcohol

Percocet and alcohol are depressants

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Percocet is classified as a narcotic. It’s typically used as a treatment for severe pain. The active ingredients in Percocet are oxycodone and acetaminophen.

The Dangers of Using Percocet and Alcohol

Percocet and alcohol are depressants. Specifically, Percocet and alcohol impact the central nervous system (CNS). The dangers of using Percocet and alcohol generally stem from the way effects of both drugs increase when taken together. Percocet and alcohol can often make the effects of the other more intense. Furthermore, Percocet and alcohol depress the CNS in separate ways. The combination of the drugs results in a dangerous depression of the CNS. Acetaminophen and alcohol mixtures are especially dangerous. Acetaminophen is converted into harmful waste in the body. Alcohol makes it difficult for the liver to remove that waste.


Percocet, or more accurately, oxycodone is a highly addictive substance. Generally, drug dependency is a two-step process; drug cravings are followed by an ever-increasing tolerance. This results in increasingly high Percocet usage. Percocet’s use as a pain reliever is one of the primary causes of Percocet addiction. It is for this reason that it’s one of the few addictions that can occur beyond environmental reasons. Many people develop a Percocet addiction after receiving a doctor’s prescription following surgery or severe injury. Percocet addiction is considered a part of the opioid epidemic affecting many parts of the US. The chance of developing Percocet addiction increases after prolonged and repeated use.

Percocet as a Club Drug

Percocet is often used as a club drug. When abused for this reason, it’s frequently crushed and snorted. This process amplifies the effects to be comparable with heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs to the human brain. In a club setting, Percocet is often abused with alcohol. Other frequent mixtures include molly Percocet, a modern slang-term for the combination of both drugs, and Xanax and Percocet. An added danger of taking Percocet and alcohol in a club setting is increased peer pressure. This can result in extreme excess of both substances. The broad availability of Percocet and alcohol as a club drug makes this combination a worldwide issue. However, Percocet and alcohol addiction treatment is also widely available.


Alcohol and Percocet treatment begins with the acknowledgment of the dependency. However, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease. And often it is a disease that is passed down genetically and environmentally. Addiction, as it develops, changes the way the brain works. Once a dependency has fully developed, treatment with require therapy, medicine, and stability for complete recovery. That can be a tall order for most people experiencing a substance use disorder, but no one should go it alone. The success of any Percocet treatment includes a combination of medicine, therapy, and a healthy support system.


Therapy helps teach coping mechanisms for stressors that may cause a relapse. It can also help uncover the root cause of addiction. Lastly, therapy can help ease the transition between drug dependency and drug-free life.


Medicine for drug dependency can help balance hormones, repair bodily damage, and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Healthy Support System

Cravings for any drug can last a lifetime. A healthy support system can help you deal with cravings, reinforce the tools learned in therapy, and further the separation from unhealthy influences. If you or anyone you know is experiencing addiction, then reaching out to local clinics is a good first step.


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