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Anger management is the process of learning to identify signs that you’re becoming angry, and learning corrective actions to either calm down or quickly de-escalate your feelings of anger. The goal is to learn how to deal with your anger in a positive way.

Anger is a normally occurring feeling. The purpose of anger management is not to hold in the feeling or to learn how to not have a normally occurring feeling. Learning how to address it appropriately minimizes the amount of displaced anger on those around us and prevents the anger from negatively impacting one’s judgment or decision-making process.


With our alcohol & drug rehab in Arizona, it is important for clients to learn emotional regulation skills. When getting sober, young adult men experience a whirlwind of emotions. After years of drug and alcohol use, it is difficult to deal with feelings and emotions. The feelings hit like a ton of bricks – sometimes without warning. It can be a beautiful, powerful, inspired time for them at one moment, scary and infuriating the next.

Anger management skills are so important because they help people understand and process their emotions, instead of turning back to drugs or alcohol to bury them.

Keep Anger Under Control with The PAC Program

The staff at our Arizona treatment center puts great importance on learning to live with our emotions and how to handle them appropriately. When our young men learn to appropriately address their anger and other feelings, they can utilize therapeutic tools to make healthy decisions. Our clients participate in a weekly anger management group as well as a weekly emotional regulations group.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our Arizona anger management treatment center is only a phone call away: 623-523-4748.