Art Therapy

Arizona Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Art therapy is a way for clients to use creative outlets as a means to examine their feelings, resolve emotional dilemmas, encourage self-awareness, guide behavior and addictions, strengthen social skills, increase self-esteem, improve reality orientation, and reduce anxiety.

One of the goals of art therapy is to improve or restore a clients ability to function and his or her sense of personal well-being. Our Arizona art therapy team at The PAC Program is knowledgeable in the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art forms) and the creative process, as well as human development, psychological, and counseling techniques.

We offer numerous artistic programs, including:

Soul collage
Creating a New Story (art journals)
Making Sand Trays
Experiential Mask Making
Sculpting the Stuck Places
Wounded Maps
Poetry Salons
Painting the Inner Voice
Our Arizona treatment center can help you or a loved one explore your creative side and find a healthy way to express yourself. Transitioning from addiction to regular life can often leave people feeling bored, wondering what to do with themselves. Finding something that fulfills you is a great way to transition into a sober lifestyle.

If you or a loved one needs help, please call us at
623-523-4748 and our team at Blueprints For Recovery in Arizona will help.