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Individual Therapy is one of the keys to addiction recovery. Before a client arrives to Blueprints For Recovery, he has been assigned an individual addiction therapist who greets him and his family at admissions. The role of this counselor is not only to treat the client on drug addiction issues, but also to work with the clients to create an individualized treatment plan, and coordinate all care with other long term recovery staff.

Sessions Are Customized to Fit Your Treatment

During individual addiction therapy sessions, you or your loved one are given the support, encouragement and inspiration they need to stay clean, sober, and achieve long term recovery. The goal of these tailored therapy sessions is to provide a safe environment to identify and treat issues that may hinder recovery if ignored. These hurdles to recovery may include co-occurring conditions and cross-addictions. During your stay at Blueprints For Recovery, the frequency of individual therapy sessions vary based on your substance abuse treatment plan.

In addition to the individual counseling treatment sessions, your counselor is also involved with some of the client’s group addiction therapy sessions to observe the interaction with other members of the group. Your counselor will also consult with any other staff members aiding you in your recovery. This creates a multi-faceted approach to achieve the ultimate goal.

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Renowned psychologist Peter Levine developed the somatic experience program to help people overcome traumatic events. Dr. Levine realized that wild animals, who constantly live under the threat of death, show no signs of trauma. When faced with a life threatening or traumatic event, living things default to one of three reactions: flight, fight, and reflex. It is the third response that can result in trauma as some people do not allow themselves to engage in their reflex state long enough and became trapped in a heightened state of alertness. Without allowing your response to reach a point of conclusion, your mind and body constantly feel as though they are in danger and become incapable of relaxing. This is a common contributing factor to addiction.
The symptoms of trauma may not manifest for years, and may result in:
Somatic experiencing can help you or a loved one process a traumatic event so that your body can release tension and recover. You or a loved one may be in need of somatic experiencing if you have experienced a traumatic accident, medical emergency, serious illness, abuse, violence, war, natural disaster, or similar tragedy.
In somatic experiencing, we learn more about how you respond to trauma and develop a method to help you resolve the experience so you can put it behind you instead of bottling it up. The key to this treatment is helping clients develop mental techniques that make them feel safe and relaxed.

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